The stories behind successful brands


Every brand has a story, whether it’s impressive, exciting or surprising. We’ll tell you the stories behind the brands that we have helped grow. They are stories about searching, finding and achieving. So make yourself comfortable and choose whichever story takes your fancy.



Being afraid of big animals is human nature. But in the world of brands, this fear is unfounded and more likely hints at a lack of confidence. This is the story about how a regular Czech manned up and dared take on one of the real international dragons, and the great things that came from this act of bravery. When the international giant Bridgestone entered the Czech and Slovak markets, it was clear that they would present themselves here the same way they do in the rest of the world. The challenge hardly lay in the fact that nobody knew their name, but something quite different...

Blend 42 Vodka


You might think that if something is really and truly unique, it will simply sell itself and everybody will want it. But that’s not how it works. Not at all. Not even for this fabulous Czech vodka from the Green Tree Distillery. It’s the only Czech blended vodka and what makes it really unique is its unusually high alcohol content of 42 per cent. This vodka was to be introduced to those who would fall in love with it and incorporate it into their lifestyle. But...



This is a story about partnership. About how real partners are the ones that grow together. Centrolpol started off as a traditional, conservative family-run company and we would take on partial or full orders for them. Things didn’t move at breakneck speed, but there was a gradual development regarding views, products and strategies. One step at a time, slowly but surely. But a few years after we’d started cooperating, things started to change. In addition to the electricity, we were put in charge of the gas, and then telecom. More and more orders were coming in and the empirical experience we’d gained over the years had already shown us how well we work together...



The Czech Republic is a land of many rivers, rivers of beer. There are so many brands, so many names, so many flavours. How do you prevent yourself from getting lost among them all? How do you lead people to one of these rivers and explain to them that this beer, and no other, is their promised beer? Once upon a time, a golden river sprung up not far from the town Ústí nad Labem and it was good. The beer was well-known among the initiated, but it had much greater ambitions – it wanted to be known by everybody all over the country. Then, one day...



You know the story, a small-town boy, handsome and charismatic. The local girls (and boys, too, for that matter) flock to him and won’t leave him alone, but all he dreams about is what it would be like if everybody, everybody in the country, knew his name. There are plenty of regional beers just like that boy. Such as Březňák, named after its home town Velké Březno. It definitely had the potential to become a national brand, the question was how to make that happen? It was going to take something exceptional, something that no one else had...

The Gate to Bohemia


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful region in the north of the Czech Republic that nobody had ever heard of. That would be one way to start telling the fairytale about the Ústí Region, because there really is something of a fairytale over this story. Such as the fact that an evil curse had turned it into a dirty, grey, and dreary industrial dragon. People were spreading all sorts legends and myths about this dragon, all without a modicum of truth to them. Locals knew that this is a region of a thousand and one beauties, but how could we convince tourists to abandon their regular haunts in the south of the Czech Republic and come and visit a place they’d never heard anything good about?

Bohemian Switzerland


A sombre man once wandered through a landscape filled with rocks, canyons, ravines and gorges, extensive fields, distant views, crystal-clear streams, romantic nooks, historical towns and unique gems of folk architecture. As he thoughtfully took in all the beauty around him, he said to himself: This is just like a miniature, European New Zealand. This area is choc-a-bloc with completely unique and stunning scerery; a lover of nature and history would lack nothing here. Why do the tourists only ever flock to the most famous sights and not set out to see the rest?

Česká spořitelna


Some stories take your breath away, others fall into the everyday rhythm of life. At Noesis, we experience both kinds and we like it that way, because you never know when a story will take an unusual turning. Česká spořitelna is a giant that requires help and support from many different sources. We are one of them. We started off as an implementing agency, and over time we learnt to acknowledge the needs of this financial institution connected to one of the biggest European banking concerns. And then the ball was in motion...

A thousand and one stories


We create new stories every day. Every day, we put all our energy into helping our successful brands grow. And we grow alongside them. If we were to tell you every single story, we’d end up with a tome, a novel hundreds of pages long. For example, there’s that story about Finlandia’s barley vodka, or the one about Jack Daniels and the Tennessee whiskey, or Nikon, the guardian angel of great photography,and Yoplait from the land of silk yoghurt, Lucky Strike’s ancient traditions, or the adventures we experienced with the DAF cars, and the list goes on.



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