This story could be yours

There are jobs, and then there are jobs. Some jobs you survive, others are a calling. Choose a job that you enjoy and that fulfils you and you’ll be GLOWING, SHINING – SHIMMERING even. This is the kind of job we offer. Every day we live a different story, or several stories at once. We help successful brands grow and, together, we write their story. If you are willing and able to SPARK your inner FIRE, then you’re ready to become a part of our story.

Account manager

We’re looking for a protagonist. Someone who is not scared to immerse themselves into a story or to create one. We’re looking for someone who is able to take on the responsibility to lead and implement projects as well as manage the budget and administration. Someone who is able to lead a group of executives. Someone who can handle taking care of several of our clients, or look after a single one of our most important clients. We are looking for someone who can think strategically, who will not only carry out orders but whose ideas are creative and personal, and will contribute to finding the best marketing and business solutions. We’re looking for a confident, independent thinker ready for success. Are you our protagonist?


New business manager

We’re looking for an explorer. We’re looking for someone who is able to explore new opportunities, look for gaps on the market and who can convince companies that NOESIS is the ideal marketing service for them. We’re looking for someone who can catch people’s attention and draw them into our story, someone who is convincing, imaginative and who can attract new prospective clients, help us grow and expand our client portfolio. Are you a true explorer? Give us a call and perhaps we’ll set off to explore something together.


Art director

We’re looking for an artist. We are looking for someone with a vision, imagination, a creative outlook and erudition. We’re looking for an idea maker, someone who sees the final shape before anyone else does. Someone with a clear opinion, an innovative mind, and an original and unique personality, someone who is able to move our competence to a higher level. We’re looking for someone who sees stories before they’ve even started. If you’re also able to use your creativity to serve a product, if you’re not scared of being in charge of a graphics or DTP team and you’re able to focus on the quality of the idea right up until the end product, we’ve got an interesting position for you. Have you got an artist’s soul? You have our number.


DTP operator

We’re looking for a player. We’re looking for someone who knows that a DTP studio is not a dumping ground for untalented graphic designers, but a place for people utilize their innovativeness, vision and ambitions while also utilizing various computer programs that help enhance their skills and improve their speed. We’re looking for someone who is both playful and diligent. We’re looking for someone who knows that life is a game and that the winners are those who don’t settle for implementing other people’s ideas but who can create their own. We are looking for someone who knows the name of the game and who has the technical knowledge to prepare printing orders. Is computer graphics your thing? Then why not give us a call?